Our objective is to help our new passionate Foodie Friends to better understand, enjoy and even purchase the most outstanding and authentic Italian gourmet products such as - Parmiggiano Reggiano D.O.P - the King of Cheese, Aceto Balsamico Tradizionale di Modena D.O.P - Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena, Prosciutto di Modena D.O.P. - Cured Ham, Truffle, Gelato, and also the many various Organic wines..

Italian Days Food Experiences is run by a young and dynamic Foodie-staff who are aware of changes in the market and ready to select the best offerings for our guests with food factory visit and on line shop of finest Italian products by ALESSANDRO’S SELECTION. Alessandro is the owner and creator of both Italian Days Food Experiences and ALESSANDRO’S SELECTION our brand for a selection of the finest Italian food that you can find in our on line store. . He is 100% Italian and 100% passionate about the food and wine this 'Bella Italia' offers. Alessandro is a true food lover who enthusiastically promotes small producers of great quality products. Through our online store you can buy authentic Italian products made here in the 'Bella Italia' with passion and love. We also distribute to restaurants and importers. Alessandro is an associate member of the APR (Tasters of Parmigiano Reggiano), with the AED (Association of Expert Tasters of Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena), with the ONAS (National Organization of Tasters of Cured Meats), and with the AIMS (Italian Masters Academy of Sommeliers). We are devoted to selecting the best Italian products for you with ALESSANRO’S SELECTION -. Don't miss out on this opportunity to be a part of a true Italian Experience.


    Some glowing reviews we receive:

  • "He is a genuine lover of good food and Italian culture and we were able to pepper him with lots of questions about both."
  • "Alessandro, the owner of Italian Days, is an absolute delight. He's very knowledgeable but also VERY entertaining. And his girlfriend, Barbara, takes care of their correspondence when you're e-mailing with questions and such and she, also, is very friendly and helpful in all of her e-mails. And in addition to providing a wonderful, full-day experience, the price is very reasonable compared to some I looked into. I am just so glad I found this one, took the chance, and ended up more satisfied with it than I could have hoped"
  • "To call Alessandro's tour "fabulous" would be an understatement. His passion for Italy's best-loved and most revered of products is evident from the moment you meet him. Armed with a great sense of humour......"
  • "I had read much about this trip before, so you may be disappointed with such high expectations. But Alessandro made this tour to an unforgeable memory, with interesting stops, nice small group and lovely food, wine and weather. Don't miss out in this wonderful trip! Grazie Alessandro - a presto!!!"
  • "The Highlight of our Trip"
  • "Seriously, this day was one of the most fun, interesting, and entertaining of all of our 9-day trip to Italy"
  • "If you like food and a great time, do this tour"
  • "Best Foodie Experience ever"
  • "An unforgettable experience and a must for all foodies"
  • "Loved every minute!"
  • "A don't miss in Bologna - Italian Days Food with Alessandro"
  • "Italian Days Food Tour was our most memorable day in Italy."